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Gross 2 years ago
That bitch wet farted all over him when she went doggy
Lmao 10 months ago
If u think that was a fart, u don’t get pussy lmaoooo
Funny 2 years ago
"It's talking to me" dayum That was hilarious.
2 years ago
bitch farted
fucking bitch 1 year ago
i just tryna beat my meat then that bitch won’t stop farting
Haha 4 months ago
There is so many virgins in the commentsection, its a pussyfart not a stinker brothers. The day u get laid u will understand, and u gotta have a plan on how to react to it. Otherwise e erything is getting awkward
Someone 2 years ago
I didnt expect her voice to sound like that lol
Egg 2 years ago
Fuck u 1 year ago
Mother fuckers
CWIT 1 year ago
She knows how to fuck like a champion.great video